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PULSE: 2020 Jobs and Gender Outlook
PULSE: 2020 Jobs and Gender OutlookThe Women's Fund PULSE: Jobs and Gender Outlook Report was inspired by the 2020 Jobs Outlook report released in 2012. The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, through its work on women’s economic self-sufficiency, saw the need to explore the job predictions in the context of gender.

A common stumbling block to self-sufficiency that has been raised across the country is the proportion of women in low-wage jobs. Our intent with this report is to shine a light on the fact that, based on current trends, job growth in our region is not likely to result in uniform prosperity for both genders. Review all the Pulse studies by The Women's Fund.

PULSE Briefing: Women, Poverty, and Cliffs

The Women’s Fund PULSE Briefing: Women, Poverty, and CliffsThe Women’s Fund PULSE Briefing: Women, Poverty, and Cliffs is an analysis of one of the major hurdles women face on their climb up the self-sufficiency ladder - the Cliff Effect.

The Cliff Effect is the paradox that as low-income families work harder and earn more, they can end up worse off financially. Benefit programs that help low income families meet their basic needs - including food, housing, childcare and health care - are tied to income levels. A cliff occurs when a small (or even temporary) wage increase triggers a significant reduction or loss of a benefit. The value of the lost/ reduced benefit can far exceed the increase in wages. As a result, the overall monthly income for a family will fall precipitously – well below the income level needed to attain economic self-sufficiency.

The report contains community recommendations. As a community, we will all benefit from public and private strategies that ensure economic independence is possible through hard work and employment advancement.

PULSE Report: Poverty Indicator
The Women’s Fund PULSE Report: Poverty IndicatorThis Women's Fund PULSE Report delves more deeply into an issue that our community is working on - changing the poverty trends

This paper presents data from the 1-year American Community Survey for poverty in our region, with a particular focus on how women are impacted by poverty. 

The key findings of this work are fifteen percent of females in our region live below 100 percent of the federal poverty level, which translates to nearly 160,000 females in Greater Cincinnati. Poverty rates for females in our region are higher than for males. Most women living in poverty in Greater Cincinnati have not obtained a college degree; and the poverty in female headed households is higher than other family types in our region.

Pulse: Social Bonds Among Cincinnati-Area Girls

In this Pulse update, we ask how do the bonds girls make with family, schools and peers affect their distress level and their engagement in ‘deviant’ behavior. We also look at what are the positive effects of social bonds on girls. 

This study combines results from two publicly available surveys and four focus groups held with girls in the Cincinnati area. 

Donors of the Future Research Summary
A coalition of eight philanthropic organizations in Greater Cincinnati underwrote a qualitative research study to better understand emerging generations of the some of the region’s wealthiest families, who, over time, have demonstrated strong records of generous philanthropic support. Download the summary.

Cincinnati in Black & White - A Decade Later March 2011
Cincinnati in Black and White: Better Together Cincinnati - A Decade Later (2011)Cincinnati in Black & White - A Decade Later reports on the work of the funders collaborative Better Together Cincinnati (BTC).

Community Investment Partners Midterm Report
Community Investment Partners: Mideterm Report: November 2001This midterm report from Community Investment Partners was published in November 2001. Community Investment Partners (CIP) provides flexible financial support for neighborhoods, allowing and encouraging them to work on a variety of issues simultaneously. This report focuses on Northside, Price Hill, Walnut Hills and East Walnut Hills.

Pulse: Developing Girls’ & Women’s Leadership
The Pulse Study: Developing Girls' and Women's LeadershipThe Pulse study commissioned and led by The Women’s Fund identified women’s leadership as a critical area of focus for our region. This report is an assessment of 48 existing Greater Cincinnati women/girl leadership programs to identify the scope, needs and gaps.

Pulse: Women in the C-Suite
The Pulse Update: Leadership and Women in C-SuiteLeadership is the subject of this Pulse update, specifically how well women are represented among top leadership in our biggest corporations and professional practices. The results are sobering—there are precious few women in local C-suites or boardrooms.

Pulse: A Study of Women and Girls in Greater Cincinnati
Pulse: A study on the status of women and girls in Greater CincinnatiIn 2004, nonprofit organizations in our region that serve women and girls expressed the need for good and relevant data on the status of women and girls in our area. The Pulse Study was conducted in hopes of providing increased awareness of issues affecting women and girls, more regional cooperation and more focused programs and services, and a stronger case for support of those programs and services.

Forty Years of Inspiring Philanthropy: A History of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, 1963-2003
The complete text of Forty Years of Inspiring Philanthropy: A History of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, 1963-2003 is available here for online viewing or downloading to your computer - just click on the thumbnail at left.

Capital & Endowment Needs Assessment for Cultural Institutions
Arts & Culture Business PlanIn January 2007, the Cincinnati USA Cultural Partnership released a report that outlines the long-term capital and endowment needs of our region’s cultural organizations, along with the start of a plan to grow and diversify funding sources for our unique and valuable cultural sector.

The Clermont Community Fund of GCF
The Clermont County FundMaking a Positive Impact in Clermont County: The Clermont Community Fund of GCF

Community Investment Portfolio: Early Childhood Organizations
Early Childhood PortfoliosCommunity Investment Portfolio on Early Childhood Organizations